Ultra Filtration

Water and waste that we reject can be recycled and offer a valuable resource. Hence, we offer best quality waste water recycling plant. Waste water from showers, kitchen sinks, washing machines, etc., is often denoted to as Grey Water. Waste from toilets is called Black Water. Greywater from showers, baths, and hand basins is generally clean enough for flushing the toilet with microbiological treatment or only basic disinfectant. Issues can arise, though, when the warm, nutrient-rich greywater is kept, meanwhile it rapidly deteriorates as bacteria reproduce. Our cost effective and reliable water recycling plant addresses this issue by filtration and treatment of the kept greywater. 

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Iron Arsenic And Floral Removal Unit With Barc Technology Govt. Of India

Price: 500000.00 - 1000000.00 INR/Piece

Long-term exposure to low levels of inorganic arsenic in drinking water is known to cause human health problems including: cancer, thickening and discoloration of the skin, problems with blood vessels, high blood pressure, heart disease, nerve effects including numbness and/or pain, and interference with some important . Excess iron present is also dangerous .so we need to remove this elements .

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Effluent Treatment Plant

Price: 1000000.00 - 10000000.00 INR/Piece

Effluent Treatment Plant is used in different industrial sector like dairy, sugar any many more .

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Water Recycling System

Price: 1 INR/Piece

Based in Pune, we are manufacturing and supplying Water Recycling System for 6 years now. Such processes involve the use of oil and water separator, filtration system, detergent removal unit and sanitation unit. It comprises of some stages which include removal of large solid particles, filtration, removing chemicals and sterilization respectively. It offers a dual benefit of reducing costs and expanding revenues, which adds more value to such systems. Water Recycling System follows the principle of 3R- renew, reuse and recycle, which is effective for both water and environmental problems. It can be availed at reasonable rates for our esteemed clients.


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